Dry Gravy Delights: Aloo Chole Edition

Dry Gravy Delights: Aloo Chole Edition

Did you know that Aloo Chole is like the Bollywood superstar of North Indian dishes? It's got the absolute flavor, the drama, and everyone secretly wants to make it at home but avoids it due to the hassle it entails.

But fear not! Introducing Dry Gravy – your culinary sidekick that turns you into a kitchen hero without the hassle!

Just follow the below easy-peasy steps for a delicious meal!

1. Begin by opening the sachet and blending it with around 125ml of water (approximately 1 teacup). Stir-fry the mixture in a pan with oil/ghee for 2 minutes.

2. Proceed by boiling one potato and two scoops of chole (scoop which is conveniently found enclosed within the packet).

3. Combine the boiled potato and chole with the mixture in the pan and let it simmer for just 5 minutes, for the flavors to blend seamlessly.

4. Finally, your Aloo-Chole blockbuster is ready to steal the show on your plate! So go ahead and savour the taste!


Watch Video on How to cook Aloo Chole with Dry Gravy, Here


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