Effortless Cooking:

No more chopping, grinding, or complex spice blends. Our dry gravies are crafted for simplicity, turning cooking into a breeze.

Time-Saving Magic:

Say farewell to lengthy cooking times. In just a few minutes, transform your ingredients into a gourmet dish that tastes like it simmered for hours.

Consistent Flavors:

Our expertly crafted blends ensure every meal is bursting with consistent, authentic flavors. No more guessing or tweaking – just delicious results every time.

Versatility Unleashed:

From curries to gravies, our dry mixes are versatile. Experiment with various proteins or vegetables to create a myriad of dishes without losing the authentic touch.

Preservative-Free Goodness:

We prioritize your health. Our dry gravies contain no preservatives or additives, ensuring you savor only the pure, wholesome goodness of natural ingredients.

Perfect for Any Skill Level:

Whether you're a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, our dry gravies empower you to create gourmet meals effortlessly. Elevate your cooking, no matter your skill level.

Choose convenience. Choose flavor. Choose PCM∞ Kine's Dry Gravy for a
culinary experience that's as delightful as it is easy.

I took the dry gravy packets today!! I gotta tell you the taste is heavenly.
We live far away, hence, reached home late so I used the shortcut! The cooker one, life saver, and tastes AMAZING.
Thank you so much.

A Homemaker

Srinagar, J&K

I was struggling with Indian food at my uni, especially when everything is so expensive and didn't taste good. Dry Gravy is a life savior for me. I have been cooking it every day and in fact, I now throw parties and make my friends also eat Dry Gravy.



I liked Rajma, Aloo Chole, Paneer Dry Gravies the most and I'm eagerly waiting for non-veg Dry Gravies now
Hope to get them soon, Waiting for more Dry Gravies to relish


Melbourne, Australia

Amazing taste and the best part, it takes me only 10 mins in total to cook my dinner every day. What else would anyone want?!

Working Professional

Sydney, Australia