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Chicken Curry Dry Gravy

Chicken Curry Dry Gravy

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Get ready to experience culinary delight with PCM ∞ Kine's Chicken Curry Dry Gravy. We've done the hard work for you – crafting the perfect blend of spices and ingredients to create an authentic and mouthwatering chicken curry. Whether you're a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned chef, our dry gravy is your secret to a flavorful and hassle-free meal. Elevate your chicken curry game and savor every bite.

Cooking Instructions

1. Cut the sachet, mix with 150ml water (approx 1 tea cup)
2. Now, add it with approx 75g Chicken into a pressure cooker with oil/ghee
3. Let it cook until 5-6 whistles
4. Get set to feast - your flavorful Chicken is here to please!

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