Dry Gravy Hack: Rajma in a snap

Dry Gravy Hack: Rajma in a snap

When life gives you kidney beans, make Rajma!
The vibrant red color of rajma isn't just visually appealing but rather, it's a sign of the antioxidant-rich goodness that lies within.

But how to make rajma with meagre efforts? Here enters Dry Gravy to your rescue!
Just follow these quick steps to make a delicious meal.

1. Rajma requires an overnight soak so, set aside 2 scoops of Rajma a night prior.

2. Open the Dry Gravy sachet and blend its contents with 200ml water, equivalent to 1.5 tea cup and cook the mixture with oil/ghee for 2 minutes in a pan.

3. Proceed by boiling 2 scoops of Rajma with the help of the scoop contained in the packet.

4. Blend the boiled Rajma with the mixture in the pan and allow it to cook gently for 5 minutes.

5. Rajma is ready, time to enjoy! Get set to relish 


Watch how to cook Rajma with Dry Gravy, here!

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